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Final Touch Cleaning, Inc. specializes in YOUR Commercial Business, Office, wedding venue and New Construction Clean up.  We have been serving the Greater Lynchburg City and surrounding counties for 18 years and running.  We offer personal and unique cleaning plans that match your professional schedule.  We have several long time clients who benefit from what we do.  Don't let time consuming cleaning stop you from enjoying the things in life that truly matter most.  We commit to excellence and exceeding our clients expectations every time we provide our services.  Don't miss out on all that we have to offer.  Call us today.

Our Philosophy is simple...

Our Philosophy is quite simple.  Keep every cleaning systematic and consistent, without the lack of organization other companies can have which in turn means missing important elements of the process.  Whether it be deep and detailed dusting or the way we leave your towels and toilet paper, each individual cleaning always stays the same no matter who does the job.  We don't want our clients worrying at all about whether or not the job will get done correctly and the same way each time.  Consistency is key when it comes to your business or professional environment.  We understand how important perception is by your customers, clients, and employees.  Our stream lined process makes us the most consistent in the business where you get the same excellent detailed work every time.  When your customers come into your place of business they will see the care and professionalism you want as we support you.  Let your business shine while we work  as your best kept secret.

Our owner, Christine Tatulli, has established herself as a top tier cleaning service in New York, where it all started for her, in Rhode Island, and now for 18 years and running in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She has developed a unique system that other services can't compete with.  It focuses on consistency and ensures that everything that needs to be touched, IS touched.  We don't slack, we don't slouch and her commitment to your business is what drives her day in and day out.  Let her 25+ years of knowledge and experience work for you.


Here at Final Touch Cleaning, we can't help but stress the word CONSISTENCY.  We are not only easy to work with but provide top notch cleaning skills that won't break the bank.  We understand how important your BOTTOM LINE is when it comes to business so don't hesitate when it comes to finding out WHAT we offer and HOW MUCH it will cost.  Below is the the basics of what SERVICES we offer and for a more in depth explanation of how we manage your maintenance cleanings we'd love to schedule a time to meet or talk by phone. 

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